Measure your dog's neck
For example, if the size is between 33 - 38 cm
circumference, the size of your dog is size M 33 - 38 cm.
Size charts are available with each product

Our belts are made of high-quality sturdy double-layer leather. We personalize the collars with your dog's name or initials. This way, your best friend has a special and unique accessory. Finish it off with a matching leash.

                                        we advise 
XS 20/27 cm 1,5cm width  LEASH S
S 30/34 cm  1,8cm width  LEASH S/M
M 33/38 cm  1,8cm width  LEASH M
L 36/41 cm 2cm width       LEASH M
XL 42/51 cm 2,2cm width  LEASH M


S 135cm/19’mm 1,8cm width
M 135cm/22’mm 2,2cm width